Thursday, November 03, 2005


Fox News sister business MySpace, currently enjoying something of a modish glow of approval, has been applauded all round for offering bands a way to work to fame without having to do anything as dull as join a record company. To celebrate, erm, MySpace are starting a record label.

This is their first big step since Rupert Murdoch bought them, and it suggests the new owner still doesn't really see the interactive media as anything more than a strap-on for his old media businesses.

Oh, and don't even think about suggesting it might prove a challenge to the RIAA big boys - MySpace will be having all its fulfilment managed by Universal businesses.

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Kerry Harvey-Piper said...

So how independent can it really be, I wonder? Neither is it a new idea. MVine has been doing a similar thing very successfully but, crucially, independently for the past six months. We sign acts on the basis on audience approval and allow any unsigned artist to showcase their music for FREE. With two acts signed and more in the pipeline, this is not only democracy in action, but allows musicians to stay in control even once they've signed to the MVine label.

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