Thursday, November 24, 2005


According to a ticker on MSNBC - which confusingly is filling the gap left by the absence of US trading on CNBC, leading to a mess of tickerage - Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey have thrown in the towel and put an end to their farrago of a marriage. We thought you'd want to know quickly.


Eyetie said...

Please sir, can we have reality shows based on their upcoming separation (The Simple Lives) and divorce (Survivor: Beverley Hills Court) and eventual re-marriage (More Alimony Than Sense) after they discover that they really deserve each other? Please?

simon h b said...

I'm pitching a remake of classic 70s sitcom My Wife Next Door to MTV even as we speak

Satisfied '75 said...

seen her twice out here in bars...always sans her dude

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