Thursday, November 17, 2005


Could there be anything more appropriate than Jamie Cullum being announced as the new face of the Samaritans? Certainly, whenever we see his face we certainly always think about calling the Samaritans, or just cutting straight to the chase and throwing ourselves of tall buildings.

Jamie's a long-term supporter:

"I'm genuinely delighted to be joining the Young Ambassadors to help Samaritans. I believe in the work of Samaritans' volunteers."

He added: "I have considered Samaritans one of my favourite charities for a long time and it's good that younger people in society can do something positive to support such a worthwhile cause - especially when the young are also one of the higher risk groups, when it comes to needing emotional support."

(Seriously, an admiration for the work the Samaritans do is probably the only thing we share with Cullum, and we'd encourage you to consider making a donation or even considering volunteering. Remember, every penny or minute you can give makes them need to send Cullum out as an ambassador that little bit less...

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