Thursday, November 03, 2005


The unedifying war of wits between Bruce Dickinson and Sharon Osbourne has reignited (albeit like an indoor firework) with Sharon talking at people:

"The bottom line is it's not my fault that his solo records are shit. Don't be jealous of what Ozzy does. He never once thanked us for the tour. People don't behave like that. I tell you, though. This guy got the singer with a fucking egg right in the middle of his brow - what a star!"

So: a band don't say "thank you" for a slot on a tour which they salvaged on the nights when Ozzy was unable to appear, and that's wrong (because, what, they're meant to grateful for the work? Does Sharon see herself as some Victorian millowner?) but its okay to throw eggs at people?


Alex said...

Dickinson WAS a pretty big ass about Ozzy onstage, though.

cheesemeister said...

She's just determined to keep it going. I think it's the most publicity she's had in a long time. She's an attention whore.

simon h b said...

alex... regardless of what bruce said, having people turn off a band's equipment during their set is just pathetic; it's also a bit of an insult to people who paid money to see IM play.

cheese... i suppose at least she's leaving her kids out of this one, for which they (and we) should be thankful

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