Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Guardian Media Group is axing Manchester's weekly listings guide City Life. The company bought the title from a workers co-operative over ten years ago, amongst grim predictions that it wouldn't last long under the same ownership as the Manchester Evening News; now, those prediction have come belatedly true:

Mark Dodson, the GMG regional newspapers chief executive, said: "We are trading in a difficult market. The company needs to react to the changed circumstances and regrettably a number of positions will be lost.

"The job losses will come primarily from the Manchester business located at Deansgate and will include the closure of City Life magazine.

"We have struggled to publish this magazine at a profit for the last 15 years and given the downturn in the market we do not believe we can produce the title profitably in the foreseeable future."

The title changed from fortnightly to weekly in 2003, amid complaints that the focus of City Life had shifted from the local arts and entertainments scene to shopping and lifestyle. It's probable that most Mancunians on the music scene have already adjusted to life without Life quite a while ago.

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