Saturday, November 19, 2005


One of the longest running music/brand tie-ups has come to an end after twenty years: Darryl McDaniels, the DMC part of Run DMC, has swapped his alliegance to Le Coq Sportif (French for "Sporting his cock"). But, of course, it's not "simply signing a shoe deal". Oh no, because that would be tacky:

"I put those shoes on [Le Coq Sportif] and it was a wrap,” DMC said. “I finally found the sneaker I was looking for. Finally I could get out of my shell-toes... Adidas was part of a great past, but with my new album and documentary show coming out this fall on VH1, I found a sneaker brand to represent a great future."

DMC found that the new pump was more comfortable in many ways - better arch support, more snug fitting around the back of the heel and, crucially, filling his back pocket with large, soft rolls of banknotes.

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