Saturday, November 12, 2005


We're sure the recent stillbirth of her own hagiographical musical about Lennon didn't influence Ono's decision to wave lawsuits at a rival musical. Ono has always been mean, so we're certain she'd have threatened Lennon: A Day In The Life with lawsuits anyway.

Winningly, pressure was also applied by Sony, taking time off from breaking people's computers in order to somehow force the producers to remove Lennon's name from the title. And cut all the dialogue. And take any pictures of Lennon from the publicity material. And the show. And pull a tour.

In effect, then, the show has gone from being a musical about Lennon into being, erm, some songs he wrote. Personally, since Ono will make money out of those songs, we'd have told her to go screw herself and just done a bunch of McCartney songs instead.

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