Wednesday, November 30, 2005


In a way, we're slightly disappointed that George Michael has ruled out a Wham! reunion - he reckons Andrew Ridgeley would never do it; presumably because even the small amount of work he did in the band is more demanding than whatever-the-hell it is he does these days. In fact, George actually said:

"There's nothing big planned on that just yet. Even if Iwanted to, Andrew would never do it. I'm afraid I can't get into those small tennis shorts any more."

Well, you could just pay him for his time this time round instead, George.

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karl said...

I met Andrew Ridgley once, he's actually a pretty nice chap. We were both being measured for leathers at a company called Crowtree in Lincolnshire. Anyway, it turned out that the lady taking our measurements didn't recognise him and asked him what he did for a living "not a lot, these days". He reply: "you're a bit of a lazy bastard, aren't you?". Very perceptive, these Lincolnshire types.

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