Tuesday, November 29, 2005


After a surprisingly long period of only having a pop at other people, Oasis have reverted to type, and resurrected in-fighting. Liam and Noel refused to ride in the same bus when they arrived at Brisbane as part of their mission to share their particular brand of joy with the Australians. Liam was snappy:

“We fell out. I don’t think he wants to be photographed with me. We’re not getting along too well. I don’t even think he'll get on the bus with me.”

To be fair, we wouldn't wish having to spend 20 hours on a plane with a Gallagher on anyone - even a Gallagher - so it's probably likely they were just a little tired.

On their last visit to Brisbane, Liam attacked a fan who tried to take pictures of him. Back in 1998, Liam's lawyer vigorously rejected claims he was at fault; yesterday, though, Liam seems to have forgotten that:

“If anyone starts asking about that lad the last time I was here they’ll get the same.”


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