Tuesday, November 22, 2005


The not-really-thought-through profit protection software Sony-BMG introduced onto computers continues to cost the company more than it saved, with the news that the Texas attorney general is set to sure the company:

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott accused Sony BMG of surreptitiously installing spyware because XCP masks files that it installs. This “cloaking” component can leave computers vulnerable to viruses and other security problems, Abbott said, echoing the findings of computer security researchers.

“People buy these CDs to listen to music,” Abbott said. “What they don’t bargain for is the computer invasion that is unleashed by Sony BMG.”

Angus Zorkmundsson - who sent us the link - pointed out this:

i particularly like this quote:
"Officials for the New York-based label would not comment Monday, saying the company does not discuss pending litigation."
unless, of course, that litigation is against teenage girls and unknowing parents.

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