Tuesday, November 15, 2005


The last thing we want to do is draw further attention to Travis Barker from Blink182 doing an advert for a mobile phone, but the corporate justification for having a plasticpunk doing their adverts is a classic piece of adrubbish, so we feel we must:

“Travis Barker is a perfect partner for Boost because he created his own path to success,” he said. “Travis will tell you that he had his body consumed in tattoos in part to help motivate him in his pursuit of a life less ordinary. We at Boost are committed to showcasing and supporting people who dare to live at the next level.”

So... Travis had a bunch of tattoos to stand out in a scene full of people with bunches of shite tattoos, while signing a deal with mobile phone company is, in some way, "living at the next level" - imagine the rush as you check your number of free minutes, and the sweet, sweet joy of discovering just how many cross-network texts are bundled with the line rental. The only worry, of course, is that your friends might not understand your new life.

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