Tuesday, November 08, 2005


In another step towards the total domination of everything by computer games, Electronic Arts has announced that the theme from Medal of Honor is going to be made avaialble on iTunes. There is even, god help us, talk of a music video.

With Apple promoting the new video aspect of its iPods and iTunes service, it seems natural to wonder if EA would expand its deal and release the material as music videos. "I think it's a great idea," [EA Head os music Steve] Schnur said. "I don't see why we wouldn't take advantage of iTunes and their latest initiative and create little mini-movies." He said he could picture game footage being married to game music, with the EA music videos being released through the likes of iTunes or even for cell phones.

Hang about... wouldn't that mean you'd effectively be watching someone else play a videogame for four or five minutes? It's the luxury of being down the arcade, without any cash, wherever you are.

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