Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Idle moments over the last decade have been spent wondering "whatever happened to FMB:, the likeable but shambollically doomed indie band who brightened up Sunday afternoons in Channel 4's Next Big Thing fly-on-the-wall getting nowhere not especially fast.

Well, it turns out one of them has won £1.8 million on the lotto, and now Richard Griffiths from the band intends to bankroll a re-release of their first single:

"We tried hard but the music industry wasn't ready for us. We were one of the first acts launched on TV but we were just before our time."

Richard, the band flopped not because you came ten years before Will Young and other TV bands; you flopped because you came two years after Neds Atomic Dustbin and the other bands you sounded like.

"Now I'm a millionaire we are going to produce this great single. It is going to be massive."

But the other act in the series - Diana Ross' stepdaughter, if memory serves - was a millionaire (or being bankrolled by one) and she disappeared, too. It's not just about the money, Roger.


Anonymous said...

sadly, the other girl Leona Naess, the daughter of a shipping tycoon, is doing quite well thanks to daddy's money.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Simon Cowell would disagree......... it is all about the money

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