Saturday, November 19, 2005


If you have tears, prepare to shed them now for poor Westlife, who were all excited about going to number one with their Christmas single When You Tell Me That You Love Me. That would mean they'd had 14 consecutive number one singles - and we challenge you to name more than two of them - and they believe that would be an unassailable record. (Although, frankly, boys, if you can do it with your lack of distinction and elan, then I wouldn't count on it being quite so unsurpassable.)

Now, if they're really interested in smashing the record, you'd think they'd reschedule their single to be released at some point of the year when not everybody in the entire world is releasing a single in a bid for the Christmas number one - it's like wanting to set a record for walking round London streets but deciding to do it on the day of the London Marathon.

But who do Westlife blame for really shitting on their chances?

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