Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Chris Cornell is in a big huff with his wife - or, to be more exact, his ex-wife. He's actually going to sue her, so humped-off is he: he reckons she's kept his journals, music sheets and Grammy awards (Soundgarden won Grammys?) and has gone to law to get more than a million bucks from her. Key to his claim is Susan Silver cared more about the other band members than him - she was manager as well as a wife:

The lawsuit claims Silver acted with "fraud, oppression and malice," emanating "at least in part from the dissolution of their personal relationship, and her incentive to further her career by maximizing the interests of other Soundgarden members."

The band split up eight years ago, but Silver has remained in charge of legacy revenues; the pair's marriage ended in 2002.

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