Thursday, November 10, 2005


The rushing about to come up with a Re-Genesis/Lazarus/Revelations joke have got more desperate in the newsroom of Britain, as Peter Gabriel indicates that he's prepared to pull the lawnmower back onto his and clamber together with his old school chums in Genesis.

Gabriel has hedged his bets a little:

"The odds are better now than before, we're going to have the conversation... I wouldn't put money on it, yet... When we got back together in 1982, I don't think we rehearsed. To really do it properly, we'd have to take more time. It's quite a commitment."

Peter, people who love Genesis will be so misty eyed at seeing you all standing together, they wouldn't notice if you were playing like Ivor the Engine. And the people who hate you will assume it's all a heartless and cynical attempt to squeeze some cash out the people who do love you and wouldn't notice if you sound like divinity itself. I shouldn't worry too much about the commitment.

However, if you could see your way to attacking Collins with a sock full of wet sand - that might be destiny.


Eyetie said...


"If you're going to quote from the Book of Revelation, don't keep calling it the Book of Revelations."
HMHB - "Shit Arm, Bad Tattoo"

Thought you might appreciate the odd HMHB reference ..:)

simon h b said...

I was going to try and bluff it as being a reference to the Granada soap...

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