Monday, November 07, 2005


The troubled tale of a controversial tshirt: Rapper Young Jeezy produced a snowman t-shirt for his team to wear; they've quickly become (apparently) a shorthand way of advertising coke dealers. Now, anti-drugs bodies are freaking over the thought that kids might be wearing a tshirt which has some sort of drug connection:

"This is part of a phenomena in which parents have no idea what their children are exposed to. There is a code that children are aware of but not parents," says Sue Rusche, president and CEO of the anti-drug group National Families In Action.

Because wearing a tshirt is, of course, the same as taking drugs. We'd better find out if David Cameron has got one in his wardrobe.

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Anonymous said...

Just because we wear a snowman t-shirt dosent mean that we are taking or representing drugs. When we wear that shirt we are just representing Young Jeezy because we are his fans and we want to dress like him. It has nothing to do with coke.

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