Friday, December 02, 2005


Whatever they're paying David H Brooks for, it's too much. The man who sends the bills to the military-industrial complex recently hired a nightclub to mark his daugter's batmitzvah. Then, he bought people to come and entertain her and her friends. Now, back when i was a kid, a drunk magician making rubbish balloon animals was considered to be the height of party entertainment. But that's not good enough for the offensively rich anymore, so Brooks paid to have 50 Cent, Don Henley, Stevie Nicks and Aerosmith come and play. (The names suggest it was more for Daddy's benefit than daughter's - although 50 Cent is, we guess, the equivalent of a supermarket shopper lobbing a bag of turkey twizzlers into a trolley of vegetables to keep the kids happy.)

Of course, he's going to have to go some way to top that for her 18th - but, fingers crossed, by then the cash from the botched invasion of Iraq will have started to flow. We don't know what he's got in mind, but we did hear him in the carpark saying "how much do you reckon I'd need to give Tom Brokaw to get him out of retirement and doing a naked balloon dance?"

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