Thursday, December 01, 2005


Part of the appeal of the Grateful Dead was their laid-back attitude towards fans taping the live shows; it was one of the things that turned the band's fans from a market into a community. Now, though, the band want to turn them back into a market, and have ordered the Live Music Archive to remove all traces of the band. The band deny that they've become sell-outs to the man, and that having digital recordings available to all is different from the cassette copy-and-swap of the old days.

Oddly, though, the band are now selling recordings of their old shows through their own website. But we're sure that's not the reason they've suddenly started attacking the audience which sustained them long past the point of them having any cultural value.


Satisfied '75 said...

Yeah, this is just piss-poor. I read that the "rumor" is that it's Bob Weir's doing and that Phil Lesh is/was opposed.

I bet jerry would gag.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well I don't doubt it about Bob.
Being that he was raised in Atherton, Ca., an enclave for the superrich next to Palo Alto (Larry Ellison lives in Atherton), Bob is just coming home to roost.

Many hippies would like to think that because the Dead made the music that they love, that the Dead are hippies too. That might have been the case for Jerry and Phil (an artist with an honorary PhD from Stanford), but Bob was born with a diamond-encrusted silver spoon. I know a few folks that know him, including somebody from RatDog, his solo band. Bob Weir is and always was a spoiled rich kid for whom this whole "strange trip" always was about the money. He as the arrogance to match. Of course now that they are taking a hit on concert tickets, they (Bob) are trying to monetize their recordings.

As is, Bob Weir is just milking the last of the Dead legacy dry, and touring with Jerry "sound alikes" as opposed to really moving forward with his music. He could easily live for years on end on the money he has and never feel a pinch or keep on making a name for himself as an artist with current art. He'd rather
rest on his often coked-out (this I say from talking to folks that know) ass and rehash old songs that will never be the same because Jerry isn't alive to give those songs (even Bob's songs) their magic.

Bob betrayed his fans years ago, and only now they are catching on.

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