Saturday, December 03, 2005


In a partial climbdown, MTV News has apologised for pointing at Paris Hilton tracks posted on MySpace, which are fakes. Although, bemusingly, not all of them:

On Friday, MTV News reported on music tracks purported to be from Paris Hilton's forthcoming album that were posted on While a private publicist working with Hilton affirmed the authenticity of the recordings, her label reports that one song is authentic and the remainder are forgeries.

So... they're sort of real, or partially real, or... hang about: what woudl actually constitute a "real" paris hilton track anyway? It's not like she's going to be making music, is it? Her contribution to any single is going to be so slight they might as well just pull a new Oasis single, have her appear in the video mugging a bit, and call it her single. Maybe that's where the confusion has set in - her publicist didn't realise that Hilton hadn't yet pretended to record the vocals which will be filled in by someone else yet.

Paris Hilton. The Sheraton people must love her, because who can have a comfortable night in a Hilton hotel knowing that their hard-earned cash is going into propping that family up? In 2006, Travelodge should try the slogan "it's basic; there's no ice machine. But you're not subsidising her."

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