Thursday, January 19, 2006


We don't know how Victoria Newton gets her scoops, but today she's all of a flutter with news:

I’VE got to the bottom of the mystery surrounding ARCTIC MONKEYS’ baffling album title Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not.

So I can finally put you out of your misery and reveal it is a secret tribute to Brit film actor ALBERT FINNEY.

The phrase is a quote from his most famous movie, Saturday Night And Sunday Morning — the Arctics are huge fans of old Sixties movies.

We don't know if Victoria had to dress up like a sheik to get this astonishing piece of news, or if she just read any interview the band have ever done. For some reason, though, she seems to think that using a line from a film as an album title makes the band "Cheeky Monkeys", as if they'd been trying to pass the phrase off as their own, or getting a trademark on it.

It's probably lucky Victoria was still in nursery when Ride released Twisterella - can you imagine how she'd have exploded if she found a band stealing Billy Liar's actual song?

It turns out the Monkey's record label gave them a copy of Saturday Night, Sunday Morning as a gift - that must have been an awkward moment, as the band looked at each other wondering if they should say "actually, we've got that one already" or just slink off to HMV to return it without a word.


headphonesex said...

Surely they downloaded the film off the internets?

eyetie said...

No, they only UPLOAD stuff because DOWNLOADING would be ILLEGAL. Oh, yes.

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