Friday, January 13, 2006


Once he's gotten out of the Big Brother house, Preston is going to be set straight back to work with The Ordinary Boys getting a date as part of the NME awards shows.

Meanwhile, back in the house - or quite close by - the parents of Jodie Marsh popped up on yesterday's Richard & Judy show to complain about how Pete Burns, George Galloway and Michael Barrymore had been ganging up on their poor daughter, wot never did nobody no 'arm. It didn't exactly help their case that the clip they showed to demonstrate how terrible it is for poor Jodie was her stood pouting defiantly as an elderly man in a cardigan (Galloway) and a middle age man in a dress (Burns) gave her gentle ticking off for her behaviour, which had led to another elderly man (Barrymore) sitting in the garden crying his eyes out. It was a bit like Gripper Stebson's parents asking us to object to the way Mrs McCluskey treated him.

They did find some support, though, from Pete Burn's bloke, who was also on and agreed that the whole thing was going a little bit far. But, he said, Pete sometimes doesn't realise how he's coming across - which makes you wonder what he thinks the impression he's making on people is.
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Simon said...

The Ordinary Boys' Boys Will Be Boys is being re-released on the 23rd, the week CBB finishes. B-Unique not missing that trick, are they?

Eyetie said...

Would you blame them? And when is the Dead Or Alive/SAW comeback scheduled?

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