Thursday, January 12, 2006


Graham Coxon has elected to continue as a solo artist, so the next Blur album is going to be a three-piece, although these days Alex James has become such a slight figure they're virtually a duo:

"There is a Blur record at the moment but it's very basic," explained Albarn of the album, which could be out next year. "The reason why it's so basic is we decided that if we're going to make another record it's just got to be the three of us and I've got to play guitar. And because I'm such a rudimentary guitarist it has to be really stupid and basic punk rock."

Hang about... "next year"? That's, at the very least, another fifty weeks away. How can you spend twelve months making a punk rock album?


Anonymous said...

much as it pains me to come down on the side of Albarn, that quote was on last year.

Anonymous said...

I think what Albarn really means is that they are going to try to make a record that sounds just like the stuff Coxon has done since he went solo.

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