Wednesday, January 04, 2006


We're sure the modern Dandy - all skateboarding kids with back-to-front baseball cats sticking fireworks up Korky The Cat - had no room these days for those adverts which used to ask a simple question, offering a prize of a stamp collecting kit. Complete with stamps. Maybe the advertisers should try Mojo instead, as it seems that as rock and roll stars mellow, they start to enjoy spending time fiddling about with stamp hinges and uncancelled Finnish definitives. Ronnie Wood, you see, spends his time between Rolling Stones dates steaming the Christmas stamps off envelopes, prompting a pun from Victoria Newton that's so lame, even we'd have rejected it:

And it’s a fitting hobby for the star — famed for albums like STICKY FINGERS.

Good lord. The monkeys-at-typewriters here would have gone with "my sources say he's not that bothered about special issues; he just likes the ones with the Faces on."