Monday, January 09, 2006


The Brit Awards haven't even had their nominations formally announced yet, and already there's trouble: judges for the live award prize are complaining they were restricted to people playing at paid events; because of the need to uphold the myth that Live8 was a "free" gig, that means Pink Floyd aren't eligible. One - who obviously wasn't outraged quite enough to let his name be attached to the complaint - fumed:

"It is ridiculous. Pink Floyd's performance was clearly one of the biggest talking points of 2005 in the music world."

Well, yes. Although more people were talking about Doherty's appearance with Elton John, so merely being spoken of doesn't mean you're good.

The shortlist is expected to be Oasis, KT Tunstall, the Kaiser Chiefs, Coldplay and Franz Ferdinand.

Some also wanted to include Robbie Williams, again on the strength of his appearance at Live8, and were also rebuffed. Which is a shame for Robbie, as he's not getting much action anywhere else. In a bizarre outbreak of taste in the judging panel, he's expected to get a token nomination for Best British Male and nothing else.