Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Stuart Cable, the drummer dumped from the Stereophonics for reasons we never quite understood (probably sniggered "Kelly is a girl's name" once too often), has taken another step in his assemblage of a sort-of media career: he's signed up to present a Friday night show on Kerrang! Radio.

Kerrang! are! happy!:

"Stuart is an absolutely perfect addition to the Kerrang! radio line-up," said the station's programme director, Adam Uytman. "His edgy personality and love of all things rock sums up what the station is about and there is no place better suited to his style and taste."

Edgy? He's about as edgy as the Guggenheim in Bilbaod. To be honest, we have Stuart down as something more like "chummy", which is no bad thing in itself.

"Stuart lives and breaths the Kerrang! brand having hosted the Kerrang! awards for the past two years - he has been itching to take this involvement a step further and get himself on the airwaves," Mr Uytman said.

It would be nice to think that people wanted to play music on the radio because they lived the music, rather than because they liked the brand, but then we've never been offered a show. Not since Wirral Community Radio folded, anyway.