Saturday, January 28, 2006


I guess if you are going to have a rap beef war, the best you can hope for is that it happens with a degree of dignity, so we should be thankful that Cam'Rom has called a press conference to have a pop at Jay-Z rather than driving by and firing bullets at him. If only Notorious BIG had hired a conference room instead of a heavy assault weapon.

Cam'Ron (who interestingly shares his titular punctuation with Hear'Say) explained:

"Sources I don't want to reveal, which are very, very good sources, that know both parties, was telling me [Jay] was in the streets trying to get old information on us. Goin' reaching and looking for Catholic school pictures and footage of times me and Jim [Jones] was in fights and got jumped. When you're looking that hard, I can't ignore it and sit there and ignore everything. I did say that [I would not be going at Jay], but then street speculation kinda forced me to do it."

Good fucking lord on a hoverpod, you're how old, man? You're afraid that Jay-Z is going to find your own school photos? Why on earth would two rich, successful men be wasting their time with what would be the sort of rubbish plot Corrie would give to Roy Cropper when they realised he hadn't done anything for a couple of months. Pull your bloody selves together.