Thursday, January 26, 2006


Because they're keen to make you buy their magazine to find out, the web-puff for the OK Rich List doesn't actually say how much money Coldplay made in 2005. However, we do know its more than U2, and they made £35million quid.

So that's Bono and Chris Martin having a seventy million quid cash boost in just a single year. Something to think about the next time they start to lecture us about poverty. Because, you know, it might just be possible one of the root causes of poverty is a few people taking much more than their share.


Anonymous said...

And the more they try to Make Poverty History, the more fans, publicity, gigs and CD sales they generate.

Bob Geldof and Midge Ure must be weeping into their Coco Pops this morning.

Anonymous said...

Now, much as I tend to agree with your agenda re. Geldof/Bono and their mouthing off and achieving very little, I do object to the idea that they shouldn't make money incidentally while doing so: the difference with Geldof is that he's making money pretty much only off the back of his campaigning, whereas U2/Coldplay still shift bucketloads of stuff via music, like it or not.

The problem with poverty isn't really going to be helped even if Bono and Chris and Co gave all their cash to it: perhaps you should be having a go at big business (like the record companies for example but mroe noticeably places like Tesco) who really are in the position to give and/or change policy, and could make influential approaches to Tony Blair to help alleviate it. To suggest our pop stars (Bono is rumoured to give large sums to charidee, without publicity) should give their cash and that'll solve it, as you seem to be here, seems to trivialise the whole issue.

ian said...

to be fair to miseryguts martin and his whining chums, they do give a percentage of their earnings to charity.

And it's not as if all that money seems to have made him happy, is it.

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