Thursday, January 19, 2006


Having pleaded guilty to whacking a cop, Ms Dynamite has been ordered to pay £750 to the policeman and been sentenced to sixty hours community service. Which isn't bad for her, since she could have gone to jail, and there was a period when she was busily issuing press releases about community work she was doing all the time.

In fact, since she's volunteered to do work for the community in the past, shouldn't there be some sort of rule insisting she has to do community service she hasn't already done? If she goes around telling kids not to use guns, then effectively she's going to be getting the benefit of the boost to her image in the same way as when she did it in the past. Surely she should be out with a wallpaper scraper getting gum out of the pavement?

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eyetie said...

Can't they employ X Factor rejects to clean the gum while using this valuable opportunity to gag Ms D for sixty hours?

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