Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Following on from the Sony-BMG debacle, EMI is being called upon by the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) to pledge not to sue anyone who investigates the security implications of their copy protection.

Now, EMI is in a tricky position - does it make the pledge, and risk seeing the secrets of its DRM spill out on the web and become useless. Or does it refuse, and risk getting trapped in an even nastier position than Sony-BMG did if it turns out they're also leaving doors open to hackers. After all, Sony-BMG have just spent a fortune trying to buy their way out of their cock-up. What sort of settlement would EMI be facing up to if they had to come court having slapped down attempts to help them?

We're not betting on EMI doing the right thing.

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Eyetie said...

Or maybe, just maybe, they can give up on the whole DRM idea which is to security what the emperor's new clothes were to fashion.

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