Monday, January 23, 2006


It's been a cold time for the Blue boys since their band was dissolved by the merchant bank and three pension schemes who owned them, or whatever it was that led them to decide to call it a day. But now, Antony Costa is on the way back, being invited to be the first guest on a new chat show.

Yes, yes, it might be in The Dandy, and he might be being interviewed by Korky The Cat, but it's a comeback, isn't it?

The Dandy artists had trouble turning Costa into a two-dimensional figure for the comic - it took days for them to find a second dimension to him. Korky, meanwhile, is delighted to be given the chance to interview celebrities: "How many people have been doing this as long as me?" he asked before launching into an attack on younger stars without his journalistic training who get given their own show: "You have to have some understanding of what it takes, and ask questions and listen to answers. If you go into a studio equipped only by questions given to you that are all over the studio, like suicide notes on the wall, that isn't going to happen. I've been in the game long enough. I don't like his careless attitude because I enjoy being a journalist. It is like going to the editor of the newspaper and telling him: Melinda Messenger is going to do your job - and for twice as much as you earn. He'll tell me not to be daft. It's all about being professional in our business and knowing your job." *