Wednesday, January 11, 2006


We can see the reasons for the existence of a gay media - even with the semi-grudging folding in of bisexual and transgendered people into the same fold. But why on earth is Sony trying to create a Gay and bisexual and transgendered record label?

Sony Music Tuesday said it was launching the first major music label dedicated to nurturing lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gendered artists.

Surely every major label spends much of its time nurturing lesbian and gay artists? Indeed, music is probably one of only three or four industries in the world where being gay isn't going to hamper your chances (yes, really, Robbie).

We're sure it's well-meant, but the whole thing sounds like a terrible, terrible occurence of business-plan-by-cliche:

The label also plans to release various compilations geared toward gay and bisexual audiences, as well as music fans everywhere, featuring hit songs by established artists that have been embraced by gay, bisexual and trans-gendered audiences as well as tracks from emerging gay artists.

Because, of course, being gay does mean you're only going to like the same acts as all the other gays. Village People, a few showtunes, a bit of hardhouse. Oh, and Madonna, because she's just so camp, isn't she?

Only the RIAA companies could come up with an idea where the signing policy will be based on sexual preference. Universal is expected to be revealing plans for a label signing breakthough acts who are all six feet two or more tall within days.

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