Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Here's a quiz question for you: How many Grammy nominations has David Bowie had during his long and illustrious career?

One. In 1985. For the prestigious "best video album" award, which sounds like something they'd have presented in the car park before everyone arrived.

And he didn't win that one, either.

Which probably says all you need to know about the value of this sort of awards ceremony as a way of spotting and rewarding talent. In a bid to make ammends, they're giving him a lifetime achievement award, although since they don't think he's ever done anything worth giving a prize to, it'd be interesting to find out why they now think he's achieved something.

Bowie, of course, was once caught up in a Nazi incident; curiously, the Grammys are also giving a lifetime achievement to Cream, with Enoch-loving Eric Clapton on board, this time round.

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