Tuesday, January 31, 2006


For reasons we can't imagine, Brittany Murphy has decided she's going to have a crack at being a pop star, just like Russell Crowe and Juliette Lewis. This seems to have confused Victoria Newton:

IS there room for another pop princess called Brittany?

As far as we know, there isn't a pop princess called Brittany already. We know that The Sun is fond of homophobes, but we didn't realise it had embraced homophones quite so tightly, too.


Cob said...

Nice one.

The best thing about that joke is that it employs a homophone to make a joke about a homophone. Clever that. (though Sun readers probably reckon a homophone is Dale Winton's mobile).

And I've no idea who Ms Murphy is. Which sounds like a bonus.

Anonymous said...

She's an actress who's played "character roles" in Clueless, Girl Interrupted and Sin City. And the answer as to why she's doing this is probably found in one word about halfway through the first sentence...

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