Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Money must be really tight for Michael Jackson - things, indeed, are so bad he's even considering getting a job. He's applied for a position as a consultant on a theme park and music business.

That's going to be wonderful interview:

-So, Mr. Jackson, you say you ran a theme park in America?
-Yes, yes... Neverland
-And how much money was that park making during your management?
-Well... um... what is this "money" thing?
-How much did you take from people coming through the gates?
-I... what are you implying? I only ever gave to them. Why do you want us to think it was about taking? How can you spoil something so beautiful? I NEVER TOUCHED THEM.
[awkward pause]
-Maybe we should move on to something else. Obviously, Mr. Jackson, we will have to perform a background check on your suitability to work in a place full of children...
-I have a letter from Ruth Kelly, will that do?

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