Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Using nothing more than a compass and the wits of the Radio 2 experts, it's been somehow conclusively proved that 1967 was the greatest year in pop, ever.

Andrew Collins did his best to argue against the year, although he did so by pointing out that The Sound of Music soundtrack was number one for half of the year, something we feel would actually count in its favour rather than against it.

1999 was voted the worst year ever - which is plainly insane, as it gave us both Add N to X's Metal Fingers In My Body and Britney doing Baby One More Time. For the Daily Mail, it was all about the battle:

Rather than the music, 1999 was remembered more for the catfight between Christina Aguilera and Miss Spears

The pair fought it out for the number one spot with their debut singles.

In the end, both songs - Miss Aguilera's Genie in a Bottle and Miss Spears's Baby, One More Time - made the top spot.

A chart battle, of course, that did lose some of its edge with Xtina releasing her single nine months after Britney's.

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