Friday, January 13, 2006


You can see why they think the idea is worth getting excited about, but we can't really see the mp3-extension idea of giving cashback on downloads being a USP which leads to the mass desertion of iTunes. Indeed, the sites sums don't even seem to actually add up:

Registered members have access to every song in the MP3 Extension catalog, and for each download, they notch up a Reward Limit of 10 times the value of the download. The Reward Limit indicates the amount of cash that a member can earn from the site. Members can then drive up their earnings by referring other people to MP3 Extension, getting paid $1 for each member that signs up from a referral. In addition, members also earn commissions from all downloads made by their referrals.

We're a little loss as to how they expect to turn a profit at all...

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Jim el Buho said...

Green Shield Stamps, Si? You're showing your age, mate. Remember when they gave them at International supermarkets?

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