Tuesday, January 31, 2006


We're sure it's not that he doesn't really understand anything about anything, and he fully knows what he's doing, but tiresome goth-clown Marilyn Manson is going to play Lewis Carroll in an "arthouse horror" movie loosely based on his life. Carroll's life, not Manson's, although we suspect that the movie will end up being more about Manson that Carroll. Even the movie's producer admits its going to be a predictable thing:

What people expect from Manson, they're going to get here," said producer Alain de la Mata.

"He didn't want to wait for Cannes to do this, he's ready now," said de la Mata.

We don't understand what the second half of that means, by the way: are we meant to be astonished that Manson has started work on a film without waiting for an international simper-fest to announce that he's going to make it?