Monday, January 23, 2006


They're the awards that aren't like the other awards, very much. They're the NME awards, and the short list is out now. Surprisingly, for the awards which are supposed to be cooler than the Brits, Oasis are well represented during the list. And the Arctic Monkeys are on the Best British Band list as well as the Newcomer award, although surely by the time nominations closed for these awards they'd barely plugged in their keyboard?

Here are the nominations in full:

Best British Band - supported by ShockWaves
Arctic Monkeys
Bloc Party
Kaiser Chiefs
Franz Ferdinand

Best International Band - supported by T4
Arcade Fire
Green Day
The Killers
The Strokes
Foo Fighters

Best Solo Artist - supported by E4 Music
Antony And The Johnsons
Richard Ashcroft
Ian Brown
Graham Coxon
Kanye West

Best New Band - supported by Radio 1
Arctic Monkeys
Magic Numbers
Maximo Park
We Are Scientists

Best Live Band - supported by Carling
Arctic Monkeys
Franz Ferdinand
Green Day
Kaiser Cheifs

Best Album - supported by HMV
Babyshambles - 'Down In Albion'
Bloc Party - 'Silent Alarm'
Franz Ferdinand - 'You Could Have It So Much Better'
Kaiser Chiefs - 'Employment'
Oasis - 'Don't Believe The Truth'

Best Track
'I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor' - Arctic Monkeys
'Fuck Forever' - Babyshambles
'Do You Want To' - Franz Ferdinand
'I Predict A Riot' - Kaiser Chiefs
'The Importance Of Being Idle' - Oasis

Best Video - supported by MTV2
'Do You Want To' - Franz Ferdinand
'Dare' - Gorillaz
'I Predict A Riot' - Kaiser Chiefs
'The Importance Of Being Idle' - Oasis
'Juicebox' - The Strokes

Best Event - supported by
Carling Weekend: Reading And Leeds Festivals
T In The Park
V Festival

Best TV Show
Little Britain
The Mighty Boosh
Peep Show

Best Radio Show
Colin And Edith
Steve Lamacq
Zane Lowe
Chris Moyles
Lauren Laverne

Best Film
Batman Begins
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
King Kong
Sin City

Best Music DVD
Green Day: Bullet In A Bible
Kaiser Chiefs: Enjoyment
Morrissey: Who Put The M In Manchester

Best Website

Best Venue
London Brixton Carling Academy
Glasgow Barrowlands
London Astoria
London Koko
Manchester Apollo

Hero Of The Year
Carl Barat
Pete Doherty
Liam Gallagher
Bob Geldof
Alex Turner

Villain Of The Year
Tony Blair
James Blunt
George Bush
Pete Doherty
Justin Hawkins

Best Dressed - supported by Topman
Pete Doherty
Brandon Flowers
Liam Gallagher
Alex Kapranos
Ricky Wilson

Worst Dressed
Pete Doherty
Justin Hawkins
Chris Martin
Jack White
Robbie Williams

Worst Album
'Down In Albion' - Babyshambles
'Back To Bedlam' - James Blunt
'The Bravery' - The Bravery
'One Way Ticket To Hell... And Back' - The Darkness
'Wonderland' - McFly

Worst Band
The Darkness
Son Of Dork

Perhaps the most wounded band will be The Bravery, who might feel being lumped in with James Blunt and The Darkness for worst album is a little unfair; and while we might roll our eyes at Geldof appearing on the hero of the year list at least we can work out why - what the hell is Liam Gallagher doing on there claiming heroism in 2005? What did he do that was so heroic?

And which NME readers really feel that Live8's DVD was worthy of an accolade? Was it the Velvet Revolver bit that made it so worthwhile, or the U2 section? Surely two minutes of Pete Doherty acting like Emily Bishop on two pina coladas doesn't a classic video make?

Anyway, you're invited to vote online if you want a say. Use your votes either wisely, or in a totally inappropriate fashion.


mike said...

How shit. I just got back from Club NME and apart from the band everything was shit, they rubbishinate everything.

"Best Dressed - supported by Topman
Pete Doherty
Brandon Flowers
Liam Gallagher
Alex Kapranos
Ricky Wilson"

That's not best dressed, thats five of the most famous indie/rock celebs of the last year!

Best Album - supported by HMV
Babyshambles - 'Down In Albion'

Please. Please. Please. No. I've listened to the albums. Tried to find good points. They were bit that weren't bad but it's a million miles away from recieving any accolades.

Bloc Parrty
Arcade Fire
Graham Coxon
Arctic Monkeys
Arctic Monkeys
Bloc Party
arctic monkeys

I dont care for the rest of the awards.

Anonymous said...

I know it's normally a narrow field, but is this really the musical width of the NME these days?

*bangs zimmer frame on floor and wheezes*

I mean for fucks sake, where is the rest of the music world.? Yes I know it's the NME, but pushing a narrow range of junk in this way will lead to doom, destruction and five years of shitty bands trying to mine the award-winners already narrow seam.

Remember Baggy also-rans! Remember Brit-pop wannabes! Remember (ugh) Romo. Of course the (remains of the) music press do, it made them feel all self important and sold a few more papers, just by being able to put a fresh face on the cover.

(Meanwhile all the talent will piss off, find some bad drugs and make dance music cos there's nothing better to do...)

We should be doing something to avoid this happening once more, but no, all that happens is we take the obvious piss yet again and snigger into our creme de menthes...

Half the time I admire the XRRF take on the current music media situation, but when things like this appear I wish you would either make a stand or just ignore steaming piles of self-congratulatory crap like this rather than just adding to it.

Unfortunately your position of commentary makes it all too obvious - secretly you really want to be editing the NME, don't you?

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Actually, anonymous, when the nominations list came through, I was just about to go and talk to a man about hauling my stuff from one house to another, and so had little time to really do much in the way of processing.

To be honest, it's pretty much the sort if list you'd expect the NME to come up with if you asked the sort of people who read the current magazine to vote for it, which is what seems to have happened. It's pretty much a marketing device, although it does show some interesting things - the bemusing continuing popularity of Oasis, for example.

Editing the NME? I suspect, these days, I'm a little out of the age range they'd be looking for...

Joe said...
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Joe said...

That's great how Pete Doherty can be nominated for hero/villain, best/worst dressed and babyshambles for best/worst albums.

Fucking strange.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. NME is shit, the brit awards r better in my opinion

I mean come could at least make the whole nomination thing phesible. How the fuck is someone a nominee for best AND worst dressed?

And i quote

"Fucking Strange" - Chris C.
lmfao...they're really bashing some of the best artists of the year...if it were to base on record sales for best album then why the fuck was james blunt's completely the opposite? fucking wierdos

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