Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Having spent some cash luring him away from XFM, Virgin is going to pump more into reminding people they exist ("promoting the new show".) There's going to be some of those nasty rollover things which will launch O'Connell babling away while he's on air - an interesting idea, but since there's presumably going to be other stuff going on during the show, Virgin could be spending their cash to promote the INXS back catalogue and whatever companies are advertising on them; that's amongst the few web users who don't get pissed off with them for suddenly blaring out of their PC because they inadvertently moused over an ad.

In addition, poor sods in Camden will have the show yelling at them from bus-stops - surely the best argument for walking to work instead.

Virgin Radio's David Andrews, head of marketing, is very excited:

"Video footage available online from our world-famous studios will really capture the public's imagination as well as achieve massive additional reach."

Capturing the public's imagination? Excuse me while I fan myself - a webcam in a radio studio, Mr. Andrews? Why, I never thought I would live to see such wonders.

And in what way are the Virgin Radio studios "world famous"? I'm the sort of person who makes people take detours so we could drive past the HTV studios in Bristol, and I could no more tell you where the Virgin Radio studios are.


Anonymous said...

Christian O'Connell: The reason I don't listen to Xfm. Is it safe to do so now?

Oh and as for advertising Xfm in Camden, isn't that the one fucking place in galaxy where 95% of the people making their way through the ticket barriers know about Xfm and have already made up their mind whether or not they're going to listen to that or that nice Mr Wogan?

Anonymous said...

Ummmm...actually, Anon, it's not XFM doing the Camden advertising, it's Virgin.

Whose studios are in Golden Square in London. Wherever that is (GS, rather than L, obviously). At any rate, it's a piece of trivia I picked up when I used to listen to Virgin when it was first launched. More recent listens revealed to me that I could even get sick of Blondie if they were played about every five songs...

Eleanor G (who thinks Lauren Laverne is even better than sliced bread)

ian said...

Golden Square's in Soho.

I liked O'Connell. It was that cretin Zane Lowe that drove me up the wall. And to a lesser extent Sarah Darling. Once I found 6music, I never went back.

eyetie said...

John Kennedy is by and far the best thing on xfm (as was his equivalent John peel on Radio 1). His Xposure are still the best "pot luck" nights out in town and I've found at least a couple of my favourite bands through them.

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