Tuesday, January 31, 2006


As you might expect, even when bands have huge-selling records, it takes a while for the money to make its way through to them. The Sun, though, seems surprised that the Arctic Monkeys have yet to have piles of cash delivered to them in big suitcases. Come on, the album has been on sale over a week - surely the cash should be in by now?

Frontman Alex said: “I don’t even understand the money side. I don’t know what gets back to me. I have no idea.

“There’s only so many times you can hear the words gross and net and understand them. There will probably be a frightening conversation about that soon.”

We're not quite sure why hearing a simple term like "gross" more than a few times suddenly makes it impossible to understand it - if you keep saying "cheese" to him, does he start to find it difficult to recall it's a milky-lump?

Meanwhile, Mylene Klass seems confused, and not for the first time, generously saying that she didn't mind them beating Hear'Say's record for the fastest selling debut single of all time - interesting, since the band haven't; they've just had the fastest selling debut album, and Hear'Say didn't hold the record for fastest selling debut single anyway - that was Will Young, surely?