Tuesday, January 17, 2006


At first, we thought the "scoop" that Preston Ordinary had lost his virginity when he was 13 had been picked up by someone sitting through the acres of Celebrity Big Brother coverage making notes, but it turns out canny More magazine did an interview with him before he went in. Not just because of BB, of course - More's coverage of the indie scene is second to none; you should see their Forward Russia makeover in the current issue. Apparently, Preston isn't much cop when it comes to saying goodbye at the end of a relationship:

"You pretend you're depressed and need time alone, when really you just fancy someone else."

We hope his current partner, Camille, knows that he's doing Big Brother, otherwise she's probably assumed when he said he was going to go away for a couple of weeks and wouldn't be in touch that she was dumped.

Preston's cherry-popping came during a game of Spin The Bottle - "it was a bit skivvy" - so god alone knows what would have happened if they'd been playing sardines. It's lucky he knows skivvy when he sees it, though, as Chantelle has been clambering into bed with him.

Galloway as ElvisMeanwhile, George Galloway has been taking the Elvis impersonation a little too far. He seems to think that like Elvis, nobody knows where he is, and has been happily signing commons motions despite being locked in a house so protected, not even publicity hungry solicitors can get in to serve papers. (Isn't lucky that the former solicitor Anthony Bennett just happened to get his case against Barrymore together in time to coincide with the series, eh?)

The Sun, meanwhile, is busy pushing at an open door with a campaign to get Dead or Alive's You Spin Me Right Round re-released. Who knew Pete Burns would be the new Peter Andre?

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