Monday, January 30, 2006


A little glow of good news for Pete Doherty this morning: the Crown has dropped charges of driving under the influence of drugs:

[P]rosecutor Mark Tavender told the court today that keys found on Doherty at the scene of the incident did not fit the car.

He explained: "This is an allegation of driving while unfit. The Crown believes there is not sufficient evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Mr Doherty was driving."

He added: "The vehicle had four passengers, they all decamped from the vehicle. The keys found on Mr Doherty did not fit the vehicle in question. On the basis that he is in custody waiting (on) drugs matters a decision has been made to withdraw the case."

This was, of course, the December 18th arrest. It's perhaps interesting that his being held in custody has helped persuade the Crown not to pursue this one.

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