Wednesday, January 04, 2006


That's gay as in the not-queer sense, meaning jolly. In fact, jolly old Robbie can't understand why people might think he's gloomy:

"I am surprised about what the public thinks of me.

"They say again and again that I am a highly depressive guy who can hardly get out of bed for the next day. Bullshit.

"But that seems to fit them well. Like, he may be the famous entertainer Robbie Williams, but he can't enjoy his life. He can't be happy. He is depressive, a terrible person; he can't sing and is certainly gay."

We wonder why they think you're depressed, Robbie? Could it be, for example, when you give interviews to the Telegraph magazine saying stuff like "I'm depressed"?:

Commenting about his illness Williams, said 'people think that if you're depressed, you're depressed about something. But I'm not. I just feel terrible. It's not about record sales or media or family. The real root of it all is, actually, I suffer with an illness that's called depression'

Or maybe when you sing "pity me" songs, perhaps?

So rock and roll so corporate suit
So damn ugly, so damn cute
So well trained, so animal
So need your love, so fuck you all
I’m not scared of dying I just don’t want to
If I stopped lying I’d just disappoint you
I come undone

Do you think that might be it, Robbie?