Friday, January 20, 2006


There are people who would have you believe that Robbie Williams is the Scott Walker of our age. They are, however, wrong, as the Scott Walker of our age is, in fact, Scott Walker, who release an album this year for 4AD. This doesn't happen very often - the last new Scott Walker release came in 1995; and we're still a while away from The Drift, due this May.

We can't say, definitively, that it will be better than anything Robbie Williams has ever done, but early reports that it's not a mixture of old Frank Sinatra covers and a treacley ballad about how hard it is to be a multimillionaire who really loves ladies.


Hendrik said...

A new Scott Walker Album ! Rejoice......great news indeed. But...Robbie the Scott Walker of our age ? Did someone really say that without taking the piss ?

Anonymous said...

And Scott Walker's sexuality?

Anonymous said...

and Scott Walker's sexuality? What the F**** has that to do with any of his music????

Anonymous said...

Simon, I can come up to Milton Keynes and play you all of Robbie's stuff back to back.

To illustrate a hastily conceived point over a beer or five but one that becomes increasingly seductive, in summary: both in massive boy bands; both almost destroyed by fame; both release a bunch of albums that at the time are hugely misunderstood by people who believe it's lightweight pop fodder; both great interpreters of other people's material; both not really appreciated until a decade after their best work*

Anyhow, as Stoke Newington's foremost Scott Walker fan, I'm allowed to have dumb theories about Robbie Williams. Furthermoure admit it: as music theories go, it's a load more stimulating than 'Arctic Monkeys use internet that's been shoveled up by every media outlet.

Anyhow, hope you're well. And personally I'm really looking forward to Scott's record, I'm probably one of 10 people who though the last one was corker.

Anthony x

* This I admit is something of a punt

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