Monday, January 02, 2006


Apparently, Mariah Carey has made a New Year's pledge that she will learn to snowboard in 2006. She's been trying to master the art of sliding down a slippery surface on a slippery board since the turn of the century. You might wonder why even she finds it so challenging:

“I like to sleep until 3 PM when I’m on my holidays, and the ski lift closes at 4 PM. So I usually get dressed up in a festive ensemble - either a Chanel, Dior or Lagerfeld outfit - and then I go shopping.”

Now, this does have the vague scent of a made-up quote, but just in case it isn't... she sleeps until three? In the afternoon? Just what is it she's doing that's taking it out of her so much? Mind you, having seen what she does when she's awake... perhaps we should all send her a lullaby and a soft pillow.