Friday, January 06, 2006


We're a little confused as to some of the details of the new series of Celebrity Big Brother which started last night.

The idea of having a non-celebrity amongst the celebs would have been slightly more compelling if she hadn't been as exposed as some of the actual celebrities - there's not much distance between Maggot from Goldie Lookin' Chain and the Sky Sports Soccerettes, is there?

Perhaps the most surprising entrant is Preston from The Ordinary Boys - not the biggest name there, and all the more surprising because, well, indie boys aren't meant to do this sort of thing. We couldn't have been more surprised if he'd turned up riding around on the back of a naked Billie Joe-Armstrong - he says on the The Ordinary Boys site that "anyone who loves the band will understand the subtleties of why I'm doing this."

It's actually a surprisingly music-heavy household this time round, with Rula Lenska having been in Rock Follies; Michael Barrymore's stint as novelty act (Kenny the Kangaroo-garoo-garoo, anybody?); Pete Burns - we could have so done without the photos of his lips spewing out puss, thank you very much, Channel 4; that bloke who once had sex Madonna; Maggot and Preston. We don't think George Galloway has ever released a record, but we wait to be corrected on that one.

Incidently, what does one of George's constituents do if they need to talk to him? Imagine if you were being threatened with deportation or something, you'd have to spend a fortune voting to get him out of there and able to help you.
[Thanks to Joe for the Ordinary Boys link]