Friday, January 13, 2006


The setting of the Babyshambles tour at just three venues seemed to offer a good chance that the band might make it through a complete circuit this time. No such luck. Having already mislaid a guitarist, Pete failed to turn up for their Stoke gig. A fan tells the NME:

"After fully expecting Babyshambles to be on at 10pm, it then went an hour before we heard anything at all, being told that he was 'in a car' and 'on his way'. Of course, knowing the man, we thought it was in typical Pete fashion that he was running late and that he would be there to tear the place up.

"(Band collaborator) The General then made an appearance. People's hopes then started to pick up again, with the rest of Babyshambles coming out with The General to play a few songs. After five minutes of the General leaving the stage, officials informed us of Pete's absence for the night."

To make matters worse, Kate didn't turn up to do her bits on the songs, either.

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