Saturday, February 18, 2006


We hadn't realised that one of the side effects of James Blunt selling lots of records was it's filling the coffers of Ricky Ross. Yes, Deacon Blue's Ricky Ross. He wrote one of the songs on the Blunt album, and now he's got so much money, he could buy a dinghy and call it Dig-knee-tee...:

"I am utterly delighted James is doing so well. It was one of the happiest nights of my life when he got recognised at the Brits because James is someone I have known for a good few years," he says. "It's gratifying for my bank manager I have to tell you. He couldn't be happier. It's great for me and it's great for James because he is a great person."

See? If people had taken more seriously our setaside scheme to pay bad musicians cash for not writing stuff, we could avoid situations like this.


Anonymous said...

James Blunt writes his own songs. yeh, others get some input, but it's mainly his own work. get your facts right before posting them on the web idiot

simon h b said...

Anonymous, while i may be an idiot, you're clearly a little ill-informed. "Others get some input" is what's known as co-writing. It's not even as if I sat around thinking "you know what? I'm going to make up a claim that someone from a semi-obscure band shares the writing credits on a track on Back to Bedlam". Unless you're calling Ricky Ross an idiot?

You might like to check one of Blunt's label's official pages - say, for the American release:

where you will discover that Blunt's album is co-written by James Blunt, Amanda Ghost, Guy Chambers, Jimmy Hogarth, Sacha Skarbek and Ricky Ross.

Maybe that "get your facts right" bit might be, you know, good advice to follow yourself, do you think?

Anonymous said...

hate is such an terrible word for you to use. It shows how small-minded you are.

simon h b said...

Anonymous, sweetheart, have you never heard of comic exaggeration? In the words of Michael Winner: calm down, dear.

We don't hate James Blunt. We pity him.

i hate him said...

I do hate him actually, I hope he dies.

Infact I wish I could build a time machine, use it to travel back in time and shoot his parents so that he was never born.


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