Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Once, it covered a hand which has never been convicted of touching a young boy in a way so inappropriate as to be illegal. Then, it became the property of David Gest - perhaps he wore it to caress Liza Minelli... but, no, let's not pursue that image. Now, though, Michael jackson's single glove has appeared on Ebay.

Presumably the other one has been put onto a spike on the top of a park railing somewhere, in the hope it will be reunited with its pair.

This isn't any old glove, though - it's engineering, explains the description:

"This is specifically a glove to be worn in concert as there are no stones on the palm side, so holding the microphone and manipulating the fedora hat is easier.

"On the back side of the glove are hundreds of rhinestones individually sewn on. This glove is a significant piece of pop history."

Be warned, though:

"The palm side is visually stained through use."

Probably best to not ask for any sort of tests on that stain.

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